Welcome to the Island of Hulneth, and thank you for taking an interest in our city. We would like to offer you a drama free sim and will do our best to keep it that way, although we do encourage it ICly. We are an adult RP sim and therefore expect our citizens to act accordingly. We ask that you dress in Gorean attire, act like adults, and keep it STRICTLY Gorean. We are a full immersion By the Book sim. This is a strictly BTB Gorean Sim. If you are still learning, please do not hesitate to ask for help. Please keep this in mind when interacting with residents. Should you have concerns, contact and Admin or Mod. We prefer semi-paragraph or paragraph role players but all are welcome. The application is located at the Landing Point and needs to be completed prior to joining the sim. The completed application goes in the mailbox on the landing point desk. Tags will be administered when the application has been received, reviewed and approved.



* Free Men own slaves and use slaves. They may use them as they see fit, anywhere in the city. They are Free Men. With that said, most men would not in the presence of a Free Woman out of respect and honor.

*All slaves must be branded and collared.

*Slaves own nothing not even their name. They may use things provided by their owner but they never own them. Slaves have no caste, no citizenship. Slaves are simply object to be bartered, bought, or sold.

*Any free may punish a slave they deem so necessary. If the slave is injured or killed, the owner of said slave had the right to seek compensation for the damages or loss of property within reason. 

* Set your meter to OOC  

* Observers must not speak in local, and should act like a ghost. 

* Observing is for people new to Gor, or coming to see the sim for the first time. Do not abuse this privilege. 




*The flesh of a free woman is to be covered by robes of concealment. Revealing of too much flesh could be seen as slave like behavior. No low bust lines or flesh colored fabric will be allowed. 

*Veils are required for all High Caste women. Women of High Caste did wear veils due to personal vanity and Gorean custom.

 * All Free women must have their hair up. No ponytails will be permitted. 

* Free Women are known to be haughty, However, they are women of station and are valued. They are typically both discrete and powerful in their own right. They may choose to treat men who speak to them by ignoring them or by disdaining them. They will NOT be caged for speaking their minds in the public market or for going about their business or for their treatment of slaves. However, they are often subject to the leadership of the male Free who leads their home -- whether that be a father, brother, or Companion. 

* Free Women in Hulneth cannot be forced into slavery except by Administrative decree or through the commission of a crime, or unless she has exhibited slave like behavior. 

*If a free woman submits to a man then she is that man's slave. However, if he refuses her submission, she is still a slave and will be turned over to the kennels. Should she submit to a warrior and is refused, she may be killed according to his codes.  


* Avatars must be at least 30 days of age to roleplay here. Some circumstances may be approved by administration. 

* This is an adult region, as such you must be 18 years of age to roleplay here 

* This rule indicates both in Real life and avatars. No child avatars are permitted in this region at any time. 

* Any person found to be under the age of 18 in real life will be instantly banned and reported to linden labs. 

* The decision on the looks of your avatar to be child like or not is strictly at the discretion of the sim administration. If you are asked to increase your hight or change your avatar in another way, you must do so to continue roleplay here on the sim. 

* All avatars must wear the ZCS meter. Out of character settings are not permitted on the sim by anyone other than sim admins and/ or moderators UNLESS the avatar is positioned in the OOC Skybox, accessible at the Landing Point. 

* Setting away is not to be done in common and public roleplay areas.

 * Resetting your meter is not permitted unless at the discretion of a sim mod. 

* Excessive resetting of your meter will result in you being removed from the sim. 

* Realistic gorean animal avatars only. If you wish to roleplay an animal of Gor it must be realistic in appearance and MUST have admin approval before entering into roleplay. 

* No G&S or DFS farming equipment or items will be allowed or used on sim. 

* No breedable animals on sim. 

* No hover scripts of any kind are allowed on sim. If they are found, you will be asked to remove them or they will be returned to you. 

* Killing for no reason is unacceptable. Goreans did value life. You must have a valid reason to kill someone and there must be 30 minutes of rp before hand. Unless you have attacked a FW, harmed or stolen or committed a crime.

 * We do not recognize ungorean limits. If you have listed in your limits for example: "no hair cutting" Should your hair be cut at some point, you may use "FTB" but your hair will still be cut. Such things, and similar, were considered normal gorean culture. If you use this option, please notify your fellow role player of such in IM's. 

* Please use proper roleplay etiquette. Keep OOC chat out of open chat. Do not log out in a public area. This will prevent you from logging in later on someones head. Be sure to set your meter "away" when you are afk Allow time for people to post IM's are considered OOC. DO NOT harass anyone in IM's. Follow post order when working in groups for roleplay 

* Nasty thought emotes are not acceptable. If you RP in this manner, your emote will be treated as spoken words and reacted to in that manner. You will then receive one warning before being banned  




The Island of Hulneth reserves the right to rule judgment over all who enter any RP, and actions, by all individuals, that take place in the Island of Hulneth. By entering the sim you agree to follow and respect all laws, and agree that chat logs (this includes public conversations and IM logs) pertaining to any issue may be used to help assist in situations requiring an Admin or Mod. 

The Island of Hulneth is a privately owned ADULT ONLY MATURE sim, you must be at least 18 years of age to enter. ADULT SIM, age verification required. XXX Rated RP. You must be dressed in Gorean attire only, and please keep it realistic. The Island of Hulneth is a Gorean Roleplay sim based on the Gor novels by John Norman. The Island of Hulneth is a STRICTLY BY THE BOOK (BTB) SIM. This sim contains active Roleplay scenarios such as nudity, kidnapping, rape and many others that may be offensive to some. If you do not want to RP rape or sexual scenes, then you may "fade to black" or simply choose another sim to roleplay on. 

This is a full Gorean capture, kill, force-collar sim. Death is 36 real time hours. Force collar is three (3) real time days and capture is three (3) real time days unless you escape or are freed. Suicide is seven (7) real time days.  


By engaging in "roleplay" at The Island of Hulneth, you consent to the following rules and stipulations and agree to allow mods and/or admins to save any relevant information.

 ▶ NEVER: ✖ Enter a raid late. No exceptions. ✖ Reset your meter. ONLY a MOD, can tell you to do so. ✖ Godmod. ✖ Metagaming ✖ Insult anyone OOCly.  

Meter type: Gorean meter, latest version (All must have the zCS Combat System meter. If you do not have one, take one from the dock).

YOU MUST NOT RESET YOUR METER, OR DETACH IT. If you are found to reset or detach your meter during combat, you will be AUTO CAPTURED OR EJECTED - no questions asked. ONLY A MOD CAN ALLOW A RESET


Safe zone is at the raid point or landing zone and it lasts for 15 minutes after you land, to allow time to rezz and read the rules. If you start to RP (including emotes like /me nods) while in the landing zone or raid point, your safe time is ended. If a battle starts, the safe zone is eliminated. If you tp out or sail during a raid you cannot return for 30 minutes. Island of Hulneth members can return immediately after sailing out, on condition they are OOC or AFK on the return. Any Hulneth city member returning to Docks while a raid is forming is automatically OOC unless they leave the docks

 If your raid does not start within 15 minutes OF THE FIRST RAIDER LANDING ON THE DOCK, our afk people and late arrivals may join the fight.


Emotes need to be 10 words per line min. RP does NOT override Meter, You must wait for the meter to register.


 Captives taken from this sim go by the rules of the sim they were taken from, (The Island of Hulneth) and not by the rules of the sim they were taken to.


 If you come on sim and down someone on the dock, and try to sail immediately with an unconscious captive you must do 3 lines of at least 10 words to emote your kidnap, plus one line for the sail, OR bind as normal, 3 lines of ten, plus a line to sail, naming your captive in the sail emote as stated earlier. For making kidnap sail there must be at least 2 warriors of Hulneth in sim and IC.

 3 FULL EMOTES 10 words per line

Name of person being bound must be used in one emote To hogtie someone it is one additional line to the binding posts

A man can drag 2 men/women with feet bound - 3 with feet unbound

A woman can drag 1 man/woman with feet bound - 2 with feet unbound

In water: no binding under water (emote and tp to drag out then bind as normal


 1 FULL EMOTE 10 words per line minimum

 Name of person being aided must be used in one emote




NO bubble TP's: The only exception is removing someone from under water in order to bind them.


NO TARNS : Tarns are not allowed in combat. They do NOT fly over large bodies of water. .

NO OFFLINE RESCUES/TRADES :No offline rescues/trades when captives are offline.



It is a Free Woman's right to defend herself and her property. Free Women are not restricted to script damage, but only to weapons that are appropriate in size and use to woman: daggers/knives/scissors, hair pins, and other tools that are the average length from elbow to finger tip. Obvious exceptions would be things like brooms, pans, books, shovels or any throw-able object..


There is a list of admin and moderators in the rules and on the dock. If you feel you need a Mod, please bear in mind before calling one that Mods also roleplay and may be busy. Dont spoil other peoples RP to come and Mod something trivial or silly.




Any doors and gates that have bars as textures, even though a solid prim, may be prim shot or melee through. Prim shooting on walls (even with windows), floors and solid textures will not be accepted. In sim are allowed both arrows types long and short ones.

Maximum 120 scripts and 5000 kb memory allowed. If you have more, you will be ejected. Please bear in mind most sims have a lower script allowance, and the lower the scripts the less the lag, so we can have better fights. Do your best to be as low as possible.

1 hour from sail time from this sim. A trade point is located at raid dock. Good RP is always welcome.


1:1+1 Warriors to defending Warriors, not citizens. example.... 2 warriors on sim, means 3 attackers



If a home team member logs in during the middle of a fight, they should type in open chat that they logged into the middle of the fight, and then TP out immediately or switch to OOC, if they are captured while rezzing the capture is invalid. If someone crashes during combat, they have up to 5 minutes to return, and may ONLY return to the location they crashed from. A raid is considered over once the last person is sailed after combat ends. 


3 EMOTES, 10 words per line min. (To repair doors 2 full line role play lines, 10 word per line min.) 


BIND FIRST THEN STEAL KEYS. We will not be accept stealing keys from a bubble !!!! You must follow the rp binding first and then stealing the keys.

1 FULL EMOTE 10 words per line minimum. Name of the person from whom keys would be stolen need to be in emote. 

If you steal keys during a raid, those keys are no longer valid at end of the raid and do not continue over to another time.


Disarming is separate to Binding emotes, one line for each weapon removed and the weapon named. SHEATHS: MUST BE WORN (if you do not have sheath, you do not have the weapon!)


1 FULL EMOTE 10 words per line minimum

Name of person being bound must be used in one emote a) NO SELF UNBINDING. Tho citizens who are not warriors and who are IC while raid is in progress can unbind anybody. b) If you are bound you cannot unbind another party


Hulneth slaves who are trained for it may be taken on raids to aid and bind only.

In Defense, slaves may bind, aid and disarm a captive. Pushing aside a weapon is not considered handling it, if hands are covered with cloth or hair. Slaves may defend their life.

Slaves may use common items they would be able to find around the lands, (i.e., rocks, food, pans, brooms, etc - 15% damage max.). Ranged weapons like sling shots are not allowed. NO blow darts, no FW weapons. Slaves will ONLY be able to defend their life once the city wall has been breached and if they are cornered. Our slaves do not run to attacks. Visiting slaves from other cities are NOT ALLOWED to attack, however they are allowed to bind and aid. Remember, if a slave harms a FREE Person, the slave might be placed to instant death if caught. Use slave weapons wise and have approval from your owner.

Are only permitted after at least 30 minutes of active RP. The actual RP of the kill must be in 5 complete lines/emotes, at least 2 full sentences per emote. The Admin and Mod's will Invalidate if it's less. (Kills that are for personal reasons or even for "fun" not related to RP will result in a Estate wide ban).

We will accept kills ONLY for valid reasons. A list of valid reasons is included below.

Accredited assassins must identify their mark through roleplay and then follow through with the kill. A log will be forwarded to the victim of both the identification process, and the kill. This log is to be kept and given to an administrator when requested. Accredited means that you are male, trained, have a Master Assasin that has certified you as a BC of Gor, done the black of an assassin, and wear the mark on your forehead throughout the hunt and kill. There is NO exception. Your kill can be invalidated by an administrator if you fail to meet the standards. The assassin may bypass the 30 minutes of roleplay before kill rule.




Rope arrows, fire arrows, poison arrows, poison pins and Ladders are NOT ALLOWED. No silly slave weapons, you can not do damage with teddy bears, fish, apples, cookies etc. 

This sim does NOT allow any rp for lindens, no linden bounties, no ransoms or selling of slaves for lindens only for rp items. 

No AO's that displace an avatar's position. No AO walks that are faster than an SL walk, both are cheats. No spy huds or sim scanners. No Fake Tags that Resemble The Group you are raiding. No cheat HUD's. 

Golden Rule: RP and have fun. We are all here to enjoy bringing the books of Gor to life. All problems to be IM'd so they can be resolved without interrupting the RP or having OOC complaints shouted back and forwards. 


 Jerrecho Resident 

Administrator of Hulneth